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Consciously aligned living for physical & emotional wellness! Look within to meet your highest self expression, and to discover all that you are meant to become!!


New Year Healing Circle

Let us together, clear 2020 so that we can open to increased abundance and deeply know that self trust and surrender are vital, necessary and transformational in allowing your new story to be written. 

What you'll get:

  • GUIDED MEDITATION to ground and root ourselves, feeling safe and supported. 

  • REIKI HEALING to clear stagnant energy stuck in past trauma and experiences.

  •  SACRED CEREMONY to anoint ourselves, to cleanse the aura, to seal our commitment promising to honor our authentic selves, and showing up in all our light. 

    * BONUS CEREMONIAL TOOL KIT provided with registration inclusive of the exclusive Harmony Wellness Center Peppermint Oil Blend, Gypsy Quartz Handmade Purification Smudge Wand, A ceremonial candle and many more goodies! 


  • INSPIRATIONAL SHARING with others who are wanting to communicate and heal. 

Space is limited … Save your seat today in circle for an experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you. You are guaranteed to leave calm, renewed and ready for a new year!


Meet Alisha 

I felt stuck. I felt like I had done everything in my life the "right way, yet I did not believe that I was "enough". I looked the part from the outside. Inside, however, I had my own battles. I was not living aligned. I did not honor myself and had poor boundaries. Every yes I said for approval was met with internal discomfort. I did what I thought was expected of me, rather than what I felt right. Always seeking the validation to feel good about myself. 

I get how difficult it can be to reach out for guidance.  I understand the pain, and discomfort of not living life to the deep level your soul has been asking you to step into. And I'm here to share with you, it doesn't have to be so hard and it can be easy with the right support and guidance.

Whether you're here to upgrade  your current reality to experience more happiness and joy, or you are here to discover your soul's purpose you're in the right place. You are designed to live and function at your highest self expression! Stop giving away your power! I don't believe in coincidences and I can't wait to meet you...




 - You Are Here For A Reason - 

Oracle Card Readings & Distant Healing 60 min Session

How it works:

Customization 3 card spread allows me to tune into spirit where I then channel a powerful message of transformation and alignment for you as you are seeking guidance for one or more particular area of your life.

I connect to Spirit as well as your guides and your energy to get a precise and accurate read. Divinely guided with only the highest intention, I reveal messages that will help you.

1. Where are you at right now (emotionally/energetically) What circumstance you are facing with uncertainty.

2. What blocks can be removed for positive self expression - which are then cleared with distant healing. The benefit and effects of this will continue from day of reading to roughly 2 weeks afterward!

3. What abundance awaits stepping forward on your path?

The Benefits:

Clarity and validation of what you are facing, dispelling fears, judgement and any low vibrations attached to your aura. In addition, it will help reset the nervous system to facilitate the best possible outcome, connecting to highest self, to prepare you for what lies ahead and actions steps to navigate it.
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Online Courses

Browse our online courses to find the perfect fit for your healing needs.  Dissolve barriers that are blocking you from abundance, love, influence and living in your higher purpose. 

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Women's Circles

It is okay not to be okay. This is your place to break down barriers and form bonds. It is a place where you can honor who you are, where you've come from and where you are going. It is a place where we wake up together to truth of who we are.

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Gypsy Quartz & Apothecary

Crystal Healing. Raise the energetic vibration of yourself and home with these natural stones! I We carry a large variety of loose crystals in all forms as well as handmade jewelry!

Copy and Paste the link below to browse my shop! https://www.facebook.com/gypsyquartzlovelight


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Discover What's In The Way Of Living Your Full Potential

Book a consultation today to get clarity on what may be blocking you from achieving your goals and feeling the way you want to feel in your life, relationships, and business. Are you searching for that wholeness? Are you ready for true and long lasting joy, peace, fulfillment, freedom and love? The more that you are looking for is within you, waiting to be unlocked!

"It is the journey in to the unknown where you discover your soul. In order to understand yourself, you have to know what you're made of. In doing so, you take full ownership of your state of mind and heart".
- Alisha Powell 

1-to-1 Coaching For Accelerated Healing

Dive deep into your soul's full expression of your higher purpose. Identify and release limiting beliefs & blocks that are in the way. Heal core traumas and step into a life of freedom. Learn to create wholeness from within. Become a master at manifesting the life of your dreams through conscious aligned living.


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